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About Us

Through music we can liberate minds. Through music we can express ourselves, be heard and create identities. It is in music that our stories are told, our cultures are preserved and our legacies are written. In the greatest of pains and hardships we survive, because through music we learn to hold on. So if we can change the world, let it be through music.

Welcome to 4TK Planet, we greet you in the name of Kaos! We are the online notebook “4 The Kaos” Dedicated to music, entertainment, South African arts, culture and identity. We dare you to step into our world and get crazy with us. Let go of your mind and see the world through the eyes of music.

Our vision

In all we do we can only hope to reach and touch as many people as possible through our words, ideas and projects. We will be the biggest platform for South African expression in music and art. 4TK Planet aims to be a reflection of true African identity.

Our Mission

We are not just here to rave about music, art and entertainment. We are here to use music as a tool to help our fellow man. We will tell everyone our stories through music and conversation, we will change the world.

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