Oct 072015
Watch this Boy: MK The Prince

I am not a fan of datafilehost, I hate the fact that most upcoming musicians refuse to use all the best music tools/sites out there, and resort to this file hosting site, which was initially used for sharing pirated content.  I voice my opinions about it constantly on social media but nobody ever listens. Anyways, [Read more]

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Dec 302014
Tink might just Rule 2015

  Well as you know,  it’s not everyday we would post an article about a commercial artist, but Tink has been on the Underground scene long enough to earn a spot on 4tk.  Newly signed by Timberland thanks to Charlamagne Tha God, her video is hot and fresh no doubt.  Many see her as a [Read more]

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Nov 122014
Review: Mingus - Time

  So since Mingus released the preview of Time, all we did is look at the calendar and hoped that this week does not end without it.  Mingus delivered on his promise and the track is here, it’s out and it lives up to all it’s expectations. We just listened to it and here is [Read more]

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Nov 092014
The Time is Now - Johnny Filter

Just as my depression was kicking in and the need for new shit overwhelming the mother city, Filter has been cooking up some soulful extravaganza in the kitchen. “The time is now”, we move forward and no holding back. Honestly speaking this beat is the complete package and needs nothing extra, but how about challenging [Read more]

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Nov 092014
Smerf'Illes the rhyme specialist

Hidden jewel of Jozi, an MC true to the art form, flows so incredible I had to write a little about him. Fellas and dames this is Smerf’Illes or just Smerf the rhyme specialist. That type of sound that makes you appreciate the art-form from the first syllable, this boy is good. On my journey [Read more]

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Nov 082014
Meet Yugen Blakrok

Yugen Blakrok “is” one of the dopest if not the dopest female MC in South Africa, but as we all know, the industry is not built to appreciate such talent anymore, wack ass Niki Minaj wannabe chicks like Nadia Nakai keeps taking the crown. Hip-hop no longer has room for disciples of it’s truest form. Today [Read more]

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Nov 082014
Larney Jou Poes

The group that brought you Cape Town’s favourite catch phrase “I’m kak stirvy” has once again dropped another controversial video “Larney Jou Poes”. An email came through while I was at work and the subject was “open with caution”. One click on the link and oh yes, it was Dookoom and Isaac Mutant, I did [Read more]

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