Feb 222012
I am Music (Poem) by Ben Roberts

I am Music, most ancient of the arts. I am more than ancient; I am eternal. Even before life began upon this earth, i was here – in the winds and the waves. When the first trees and flowers and grasses appeared, i was among them. And when humanity came, i at once became the [Read more]

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Sep 082011
I am Diluted

I am diluted, mixed and stripped from the richness of the worlds my ancestors knew. I am diluted, diverse in many ways, blessed and cursed by those once known to me as my own. I am diluted, an impure product of many faces, tongues and unknown backgrounds. I am diluted, I am of many, I [Read more]

Sep 082011
None existence

It was too late Although I expected it Still the throbbing pain in my neck was minute compared to the pain in my heart Through my veins they came streaming out profusely Down my neck following the tracks of my spine The rage within me split the very soul I humbly offered Is this the [Read more]

Sep 082011
Is it...me?

wounds, frozen cold, blood flow there no more. pinch, punch, hit, stab, pain… no more. An abomination! …you exclaim Not, but what has been done can now not be undone Acceptance is but a fool …defeat it’s drug Eyes empty crystal but not clear Who do I find behind these windows? …I fear my discovery [Read more]

May 112011
She is.....

She is the color of sound, That evolved with time, Taming my darkest cloud, She is the art of rhythm, That soothes wisdom, embracing inspiring poems, Cleans her songs and tell it’s agonies, Of Lucifer’s envies And the language gods speak. When she is spiritual, Indeed her power is lyrical She bares no miracle, no [Read more]

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Apr 292011
They tried

I look back now on a extinct breed A civilization known as humanity A shameful race when they all died All you can say is that they tried…. They had it fine till they grew a brain Earth wasn’t ready for a drastic change What they had, was too much pride All you can say [Read more]

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Apr 292011

Can I have a Pen, Can I have a pen to caress This broken pieces of paper with ink, Can I once again juggle with metaphors Engraving this pad with facts that inspiration needs no class, All of a sudden I feel the flame that once echoed core deep in the ghettos of Jozi, Like [Read more]

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