Nov 192015
Chase Lutron vs CREAM

This year has been good for South African hiphop in all forms.  In Cape Town, we witnessed the maturity of Afrikaans hiphop and some of us only recently getting introduced to it, 2 artists stood out the most,  CREAM and Chase Lutron. These are the 2 best males in Afrikaans hiphop at the moment, both [Read more]

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Oct 162015
Johnny Filter 2015

It has indeed been a prosperous year for one of the most hard working South African HipHop producers I know personally, Johnny Filter.  Currently producing his masterpieces out of Sweden and featuring SA and European MC alike.  So today I decided to share a list of what this year has been like for Filter, hope you feel what [Read more]

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Oct 072015
Watch this Boy: MK The Prince

I am not a fan of datafilehost, I hate the fact that most upcoming musicians refuse to use all the best music tools/sites out there, and resort to this file hosting site, which was initially used for sharing pirated content.  I voice my opinions about it constantly on social media but nobody ever listens. Anyways, [Read more]

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Jul 232015
Top 5 Afrikaans HipHop Tracks

  This has been a long time coming, something is brewing in the Cape and it’s only a matter of time before Afrikaans Hiphop becomes a force to be reckoned with.  We bring you the Top 5 tracks that got us going “Oh shit!!” So yea, have a listen.. If you got a better joint [Read more]

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Dec 302014
Tink might just Rule 2015

  Well as you know,  it’s not everyday we would post an article about a commercial artist, but Tink has been on the Underground scene long enough to earn a spot on 4tk.  Newly signed by Timberland thanks to Charlamagne Tha God, her video is hot and fresh no doubt.  Many see her as a [Read more]

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Dec 302014
Don't steal beats (Teeflii vs Configa)

As Hip Hop lovers, we can all agree that there is a thin line between sampling and stealing someone’s beat.  Stealing a beat is when producers do not properly innovate the track and make it different, they do not contact and credit the initial producer, and uses tracks which are not even available for download. This [Read more]

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Nov 122014
Turmoil on Social media over SA Hip Hop Awards

The nominations are out for SA Hip Hop awards and many people are unhappy about some of the MCs included in the categories.  The nature of awards has always been a controversial topic, but does it really define the industry in its truest form.  Here is one of the comments on the nominations. Here are [Read more]

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