Jul 292011

I never give a synopsis of these tapes for a reason… They are alive, and they can speak for themselves. So this is the 1st and the last time I will put silly text to make you listen…

Eleven 55 Lesia Lo Fi(click to download)

  1. Tone Spliff (feat. Blacastan, C Rayz Walz and AG) – Hard time
  2. Co$$ (feat. Sene) – Only when I dream
  3. Common (feat. Marsha Ambrosious) – The light (remix)
  4. Elzhi – Colors
  5. Damu The Fudgemunk  – Truly get yours
  6. Mingus – Writers Block
  7. Talib Kweli – Peace of Mind (Instrumental)
  8. Shin-Ski – Kiss the sky
  9. Soulive (feat. Black Thought) – Clap!
  10. 88-Keys (feat. Kanye West) – Stay Up
  11. Big Pun – Beware
  12. RZA (feat. ODB) – Black Widow Part 2
  13. Jaylib – Bonus Track #1
  14. Pete Rock (feat. Big Pun, N.O.R.E. and Common) – Verbal Murder
  15. Code Red – Wrapped
  16. Hacia Tiempo – Demasiado de
  17. Cappadonna – Slang Editorial
  18. Busta Rhymes – What the f@ck you want?!
  19. Busta Rhymes – Turn me up some
  20. The Are (feat. Oh no and Kay) – Oh
  21. Wu Tang Clan – Reunited




  • http://www.4tk.co.za Thuto

    Thanks for the school Les

  • http://www.4tk.co.za Lesia Kalane

    You know how it is brother, this was overdue. The pleasure is all mine

  • Siyah

    This tape made my day, thanks guys

    • Lesia Kalane

      Pleasure pleasure pleasure… keep posted for more…. And thanks

  • Mologadi

    Ooooooh my sooooul lol. Tighter than tight Lesia. Love it!

    • http://www.4tk.co.za Lesia Kalane

      Thank you ma’am! Keep posted for more aight!

  • Kim

    Ok peeps you gotta appreciate me mans talent!

    • http://www.4tk.co.za Lesia Kalane

      :-* yeah suga foot

  • Kim

    me suga foot love?

  • wiseworth

    THIS is REAL Hip Hop,NO WATER ADDED,NO PERSEVATION. A dope lyricist combined with banging beats? .. I don’t even care who’s dropping an album this year, this yets MIXTAPE of The Year from me!

    • http://www.4tk.co.za Lesia Kalane

      Word! Mr Wiseworth!