Nov 192015
cream chase

This year has been good for South African hiphop in all forms.  In Cape Town, we witnessed the maturity of Afrikaans hiphop and some of us only recently getting introduced to it, 2 artists stood out the most,  CREAM and Chase Lutron. These are the 2 best males in Afrikaans hiphop at the moment, both having had an opportunity to work with Cape Town’s best producer HIPE, they have brought us some unprecedented quality hiphop.   We emphasise the word male, because there is another force emerging in Afrikaans hiphop known as YOMA, and it looks like she is very close to taking the throne.

So what is this article about, well it is really not a competition, what we basically did here, is share some of our favourite tracks by the two artists.  You make the call.

Both on the Same track

Chase & Cream – Piramied verdriet (prod by Hipe)




CREAM – Klik Klak prod by Hipe

Chase  Lutron – Afreken




CREAM – Speakers Klop ft Ma-b & Youngsta (prod by Hipe)

Chase Lutron-Jihad feat Ric Dyson





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