Oct 072015


I am not a fan of datafilehost, I hate the fact that most upcoming musicians refuse to use all the best music tools/sites out there, and resort to this file hosting site, which was initially used for sharing pirated content.  I voice my opinions about it constantly on social media but nobody ever listens. Anyways, that is not why I am writing this, not why I am ranting about datafilehost, my rant is purely because I have found some of the dopest MCs on there, some of the best music I listened to was from there, but unfortunately, that’s all they will ever be, some music I listened to and it was good, but I have no idea how to find that music again or who the artist was, its all lost somewhere in cyberspace, gone and forgotten. This is why I hate datafilehost, because on soundcloud, reverbnation or even youtube, I can follow the artist, create a playlist, and find the song 2 years later, so if you are an artist out there, stay away from datafilehost.

lol, Now that we got that out of the way, ladies and gentlemen, I found a gem in cyberspace, well in datafilehost to be precise.  His name is MK the Prince, and he is super dope, we only have one track of his, probably the rest are somewhere lost in….. okay I am not gonna mention it again. MK the prince’s track called “Spotless” and produced by BigWeazy (yea I know that is such a creative name), this song is simply amazing, Its an anthem, its a chronicle, a testament, an epic expression of the fire that burns deep inside the core of true hiphop, why, because he has pure talent, he is not trying, he is that good, without effort.

This one is an artist to watch, especially in 2016.  I hope he dont mind, but I put the track on soundcloud so that I can share it here, after all its a free download.

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