Oct 072015

Wow it’s been ages, like forever for real, since we heard Marco Polo the MC, the veteran, one of Cape Town’s finest. His back, but he will probably say, “Ï never left, I was just on the outside looking in my bru”. So what’s big in Hip Hop right now, the forever so called new sound, new age music, but noooo, not Marco, he is taking it back to the boom bap and relevance of lyrical content.
Marco surprised us this morning with his first single called Veteran, we listened and here is what we think.

Pros – Veteran’s melodies are memorable, interesting and well-shaped. The baseline is tuneful and every element fits in together. The production quality is good.
Cons – there is a lot of original elements about this melody, but it was not complex enough.

Pros: The track is about been the Veteran and the state of Hip-Hop, a lesson to the young and upcoming, the concept is been the veteran and been good at it. Marco does not beat around the bush and tries to give you subliminal messages.
Cons: There are some inconsistencies in the flow, sometimes I felt like he could just rip it apart but he slowed down.

Commercial potential?

This is one of those songs that say, “this is who i am, and i am here,”. This is a classic track, but I think when Marco made it, he was not thinking dollar bills, he wanted to make a track the way he loves making tracks. It is one track i really cant wait to hear live. However, this is not the type of song that will go gold, this is an underground track, and i see very little potential where commercial is concerned.
Marco hinted that the second single is coming before the end of 2015. What a way to close a great hiphop year for South Africa